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In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, South Texas Barber College collects specified information on campus crime statistics, campus security policies and institutional completion graduation rates. As a requirement by the Higher Education Act, schools are regulated as to how they promote their school. The following information complies with GE Disclosure Requirements. Prospective students will have the opportunity to review this information while considering enrolling at South Texas Barber College.

Occupational Data: Barber
SOC Code: 39-5011

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Occupational Data: Barber/Cosmetologist
SOC Code: 39-5011/ 39-5010

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Occupational Data: Manicurist
SOC Code: 39-5092

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Median Student Loan Debt
South Texas Barber College does not participate in any loan programs.
2016 Campus Safety and Security Survey Report

         Criminal Offences  Total Occurred

On Campus - 0
Public Property-0

Hate Crime Total Occurred
On Campus -0
Public Property-0 
Occupational Data Information

Placement Rate:  The placement Rate measures the percentage of graduates who find employment after completed their course, and graduate. The Counsel of Occupation (COE) has its standards for defining and calculating the school's placement rate.  South 
Texas Barber College placement rate for graduates of 2015-2016 was 100% for barber program

Completion, Placement, and Licensure for                      2015-2016:
Class "A" Registered Barber
Graduation Rate (%) 70%
Total Completion (%) 70%
Graduation Placement Rate (%) 100%
Total Placement Rate  (%) 100
Licensure Exam Pass Rate (%) 100