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Barber College
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Admissions & Enrollment

South Texas Barber College practices no discrimination in admission and graduation policies on the basis of race, creed, religion, financial status, or country/area of origin or residence.

Individuals who wish to enroll in STB College MUST meet the following requirements:

High School Diploma or GED Education
BE sound of mind and body

In addition, upon enrollment, students must:

Provide two wallet-sized photographs
State issued drivers license, state ID or alien registration card
Copy of High School transcript or diploma
Copy of GED certificate or GED score

**Financial Aid is available for those who qualify**
You can apply for free online at:

​South Texas Barber College practices an open-enrollment policy whereby a student may enroll for one of the courses of study at any given time.

Upon meeting admission requirements and completing enrollment procedures, the student begins instruction immediately.

A student who attends the college full-time, maintains good attendance, and has passing grades may expect to complete the respective course(s) as follows:

12 Months
6 Months
Barber Instructor
5 Months
Barber Technician
3 Months
Cosmetologist to Barber
3 Months
The actual time of completion depends on the individual's attendance/satisfactory completion of ALL course requirements.
The college operates with a 12 month academic calendar.  It operates five days per week -Tuesday-Saturday